I've received a message from Pioneer Credit

If you have received a letter, email or SMS from us, it is likely that your outstanding account from a bank, financial institution or utility provider has been assigned to Pioneer Credit.

The introductory letter

Australian Credit Licence Number: 367253 Dear Customer, Welcome to Pioneer Credit (Notice of Assignment) I hope that this letter finds you well. I am writing to advise you that your overdue account with Originator was assigned to Pioneer Credit Solutions Pty Ltd on Febuary 15, 2019. This assignment was for all its beneficial rights, title and interest for the sum of Now that your account is held with Pioneer Credit, you have a new account number which is 19010000 .    I also need to let you know that if interest or other continuing charges are applicable under your contract, such charges are continuing to accrue. 27 Febuary 2019 Telephone: 1300 720 823 Mr Pioneer Customer 1 Paper Street Sydney NSW 2000 Pioneer Credit $1,995.21 Your Pioneer account number This is who we purchased your account from Your name Our phone number Assigned balance Your address

What happens next?

Having an account reassigned or sold can be a confusing process. Put simply, it involves Pioneer purchasing your account from the issuing bank, financial institution or utility provider, and then working with you directly as the balance is now due to us.

This assignment process typically occurs when you have multiple payments outstanding on your account and as a result, your bank, financial institution or utility provider sells your account to someone better suited to recovering the money owed; in this case, Pioneer. The benefit for you is that we specialise in nurturing customers through this journey.

We’re here to help you get this sorted and the sooner we can chat about your options, the sooner we can help you work towards getting your finances back on track. We understand that you may need some time to repay the money owed; we’re flexible and accommodating, but need your cooperation too. The best thing you can do now is contact us so that we can work towards reducing your balance in a way that suits you.

Benefits of being a Pioneer Credit customer

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