About Us

Pioneer Credit is an Australian financial services provider. With more than 200,000 customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, our focus is on providing them with exceptional levels of customer service along with a range of products and solutions to help them achieve their financial goals, including our free app, Pioneer Path and our intuitive customer portal.

The Pioneer Principles

The Pioneer Principles are a set of values that our people work and live by. They are embedded throughout the organisation and underpin every interaction we have with our customers and stakeholders. Put simply, this means great customer service at every point in your journey.


Put your team and company first without question.


Being available when no one else is.


Be consistent and relentless in exhibiting best practice and sharpening your skills. Always act with integrity.


The fire inside you and the love for what you do and for your team needs to be visible to all around you.


Forward plan to carve the path to exceptional results. Don't be afraid to look outside the square and commit to what you see.


Learn to connect with people in a way they can relate.

We've helped
customers get back on track.

What our customers
have to say

We believe happy customers are our best ambassadors. Rather than us telling you how good we are, here's what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Pioneer.

Thanks for been so understanding in this difficult time. You were a pleasure to deal with, and you should be proud of the great customer service you offer.

Jo, 25

I was nervous at first but you and your excellent staff made me feel a lot more comfortable and were able to resolve the matter without any stress.

Margaret, 44

In the Community

Pioneer Credit has a long-term commitment to a number of projects that make a positive contribution to the community. One of the defining aspects of these programs is the involvement of our team members who commit their time and energy, to assist others in the community.