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How we help

We’re here to help you put an end to debt stress, with the support you need to get back on track.

Our approach to understand you

After your account has been sold to us, you will receive a letter, SMS, email, or phone call. It means we’re trying to get in touch with you to get to know your needs.

We want to work with you to find the right solution and we will always attempt to contact you directly. We understand you may need time, but if we don’t hear from you at all, we may reach out to others so they can help us get in touch with you. Protecting your privacy in these cases is important to us – find out more about how we do this.

Your Privacy

Here's what you should do

1Engage with us

This gives you control of when and how you want to contact us.

  • Self-manage your account through our customer portal.

    Your account
  • Contact our helpful team to guide you through a tailored solution via live chat, email or phone call

    Contact us

2Choose a flexible solution

Life isn't fixed, so why are debt repayments? We offer flexible options to suit your situation.

  • Pay now

    Paying off your account in full offers the most cost-effective option, helping you to avoid additional interest.

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  • Pay some

    If you make a lump sum payment to  reduce your debt, we’ll freeze your interest for up to 12 months.

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  • Set up a plan

    If you don’t have the funds upfront, our team can help you set up a manageable payment plan to get you back on track.

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Need more options?

We understand everyone’s situation is different, which is why we’re here to listen and support you every step of the way. If you’re experiencing hardship, or would like to explore other options, our friendly team is ready to help you.

Contact us

3Free yourself from debt stress

By engaging with us, you’re already one step closer to enjoying financial freedom.

We’ve helped 350,000 customers get back on track.

Unexpected events can happen to anyone. We’re here to help you get back on your feet, supporting you with tailored solutions that are based on your needs and circumstances.


The Pioneer staff cared about our circumstances. They listened and never once judged us or made us feel ashamed due to the financial position we found ourselves in.

Ryan's debt story
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Frequently asked questions

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