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Corporate governance

At Pioneer, we conduct our business in a manner which puts our customers first. Our Board recognises the importance of proper process to ensure successful governance. 

Our approach

We hold ourselves to a high standard, with an aim to treat our customers with dignity, honesty and respect.

We uphold a high standard of corporate governance

Our Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the Company’s corporate governance framework, the key features of which are set out in our Corporate Governance Statement.

The Company’s corporate governance practices are consistent with the 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and recommendations which were released in February 2019. Our Corporate Governance Statement discloses the extent to which the Company has followed these practices.

  • Corporate Governance Statement effective August 2023
    The Company is dedicated to implementing a high standard of corporate governance, closely guided by the Board.
  • Code of Conduct
    The Company is committed to conducting itself with integrity, honesty and fairness in all business practices.
  • Whistleblower Policy effective April 2023
    This Policy is intended to encourage and enable the raising of serious concerns by the Company or Personnel.

Compliance policies

The following documents provide additional oversight on the Company’s corporate governance practices.

Board committees

Dispute resolution

When we receive a complaint, we work hard to resolve it internally in a satisfactory manner, and as quickly as possible.

If you are a Pioneer Shareholder

Pioneer is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of your shareholder information. Below is an excerpt of our Privacy and Credit Information Statement, outlining how we put this into practice.